Ladies and Gentleman Movie

Release Date: Jan 30, 2015

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

Language: Telugu

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Chaitanya Krishna,Mahat Raghavendra, Jasmin Bhasin,Nikitha Narayanan

Director: Manjunath


Ladies and Gentleman Movie is upcoming tollywood crime, drama entertainer film, casting Adivi Sesh, Chaitanya Krishna,Mahat Raghavendra, Jasmin Bhasin,Nikitha Narayanan. This movie inspired by real life cyber crimes and talks about the role of the internet and its impact on human lives and emotions. The film has three stories about a college student, a call centre employee and a husband-wife relationship. These characters are not connected to each other but their lives cross paths at some point

(Note: Release dates are subject to change)

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