Guntur Talkies Movie

Release Date: Mar 04, 2016

Genre:  Comedy, Romance

Language: Telugu

Cast: Siddhartha, Shraddha Das, Rashmi Gautam, Naresh

Director: Praveen Sattaru


Guntur Talkies Movie is upcoming tollywood comedy and romance entertainer film. Casting Siddhartha, Shraddha Das, Rashmi Gautam, Naresh. Directed by Praveen Sattaru. Guntur Talkies can be described as Ishqiya meets Delhi Belly, a theatrical focusing on two characters: Hari, a 25-year-old Casanova played by Sidhu and Giri, a man in his late 40s, deserted by his wife and left to handle two little children.

(Note: Release dates are subject to change)

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Mukesh DJ, Purushottampur


Oriya Recipes

Tourist Places

  • Budhi Thakurani
  • Lord Sidha Vinayaka Temple
  • Siddha Bhairavi Temple, Berhampur
  • TaratarinI Temple


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