LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High Event Marks Independence Day Celebrations in Berhampur

The event commemorated the spirit of Independence Day, bringing together a diverse array of talents and inspirations. Distinguished guests, including the honorable Chandra Sekhar Sahu (MP), Bikram Kumar Panda (MLA), and Sanghamitra Dalei (Mayor), graced the occasion with their presence, adding to the grandeur of the event.

The highlight of the event was the mesmerizing performances by a total of 40 dance groups. From traditional to contemporary, the dance forms showcased the rich cultural tapestry and artistic expressions that Berhampur is known for.

“LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High” echoed the aspirations of the participants and the city itself. As the performances enthralled the audience, the event served as a reminder to chase dreams and reach for the stars.

Visitors and participants can relive the magic of the event through a collection of captivating photos and videos capturing the essence of “LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High.” The event stands as a testament to Berhampur’s unity, creativity, and unwavering commitment to progress.

With the convergence of talent, enthusiasm, and patriotism, “LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High” etched a memorable chapter in Berhampur’s journey, celebrating both the nation’s freedom and its boundless potential for growth.

Feel free to explore the collection of captivating photos and videos from the “LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High” event.

LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High Video

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LAKSHYA: Dream Big Aim High Photos

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